The Art of Confidence


AOC Foundation, INC

The Vision

The AOC Foundation, INC seeks to build a community of partners that are committed to empowering children around the world. We seek to provide FREE performing arts opportunities for youth who are orphans, refugees, or living in extreme poverty. Our goal is to liberate a generation of young people who may feel helpless through arts and literacy education.  

Program Overview 

What We Do

1. We provide performing arts classes to youth in poverty or underprivileged groups. 

2. We organize national and international workshops in performing arts that have a literacy focus. 

3. We provide cultural exchange opportunities for youth leaders to lead workshops. 

4. We provide donations to partnering organizations to help strengthen 

the community.

Workshop Classes

Class Overview

The AOC provides performing arts workshops for youth living in poverty or underprivileged groups. The program is designed as a weekly camp, where participants have the opportunity to explore different activities in acting, dance, voice, and general music. Participants also receive the opportunity to enhance their reading and writing skills.


Our acting workshops are designed to help improve reading comprehension and build confidence. Participants will have the exciting opportunity to read scripts and learn monologues. Students will discuss each piece and write reflections.


Our dance workshops give participants the opportunity to explore the technique of dance through, ballet, jazz, modern and hip-hop genres. Students will read articles about different dance choreographers and reflect on their piece. Students will have the ability to create their own form of expression and write a written reflection on what it means to them.  


Our voice workshops are designed to allow participants explore the technique of voice instruction. Participants will have the opportunity to read about vocal artist and learn various songs. Students will read lyrics and have the opportunity to

                                                                         write their own piece.

General Music

Our general music workshops will give participants the opportunity to explore general music, play a musical instrument, and record music. Participants will also learn general music notes and have the opportunity to compose their own musical piece.

Reading and Writing Integration

All participants will have the opportunity to enhance their reading and writing skills. Although we use performing arts to engage students and enhance their performance skills, our key goal is to help improve reading and writing, and leave resources that will help participants continue to grow.

Our Team

AOC Staff

Our team is composed of artistic professionals that are employed in the field that they are volunteering to teach. We work with international adults and youth volunteers to provide services to communities in need. Our team members have years of practical experience, hands on teaching experience, and higher level educational degrees.

AOC Volunteers

Our AOC volunteers are typically certified teachers with advanced degrees who have a passion for the arts as well as education. We seek to work with various volunteers who have backgrounds and experience from around the world. 

AOC Youth Leaders 

Our cultural exchange focus is on providing youth leaders opportunities to 

                                                                         co-lead workshops with professionals.

AOC fREE Project

Project Description

The AOC Foundation, INC,FOCUS, RISE, EDUCATE, EMPOWER! Our fREE project seeks to enhance national and international communities by providing free performing arts and educational classes to students who live in low socioeconomic environments. Our vision is to work with communities around the world to provide a cultural exchange that will help poor communities to grow and to enhance their academic skills through performing arts. 

  • Youth Leadership
  • Acting Workshops
  • Dance Workshops
  • Voice Workshops
  • General Music Workshops
  • Reading and Writing Skills
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Educational Donations 


Why donate?

Why we need your help. It has been said, that one person can not change the world on their own, but a group of people can make a tremendous difference. The AOC fREE project will seek to partner with various organizations and people to help make a difference in the life of an orphan or refugee child. It is our goal to provide performing arts classes, resources, and a meal to each partnering organization in Nairobi, Kenya. You can help in the following ways: volunteering, sponsoring a meal, sponsoring an educational kit, or sponsoring a youth leader.