The Art of Confidence



AOC f.R.E.E Outreach Project

The Vision

The AOC Foundation, INC,FOCUS, RISE, EDUCATE, EMPOWER, fREE project seeks to enhance national and international communities by providing free performing arts and educational classes to students who live in low 

socioeconomic environments. Our vision is to work with communities around the world to provide a cultural exchange that will help poor communities to grow and to enhance their academic skills through performing arts. 


We seek to go into underprivileged environments and provide performing arts classes that will help strengthen reading and writing skills. Our purpose is to serve underprivileged communities and to provide access to performing arts, reading, and writing instruction. 


We seek to provide children who are less fortunate with opportunities to improve their reading and writing skills through performing arts. 

Our primary 4 goals are the following: 

Focus - To help students to develop a FOCUS on their educational future.

Rise - To encourage our communities to RISE and take action to help others who are less fortunate around the world.

Educate - To EDUCATE students through performing arts with a focus on reading and writing.         


Empower - To EMPOWER students with donations to help improve their confidence, reading, writing, and overall health.